Brant Lodge 45 Blog is dedicated to providing information on self-awareness, personal development, where to attend workshops, and how to achieve self-awareness and positive personal development.


Self-awareness is an important aspect of achieving higher levels of overall happiness. It provides a way to achieve higher levels of satisfaction in personal life and work-life including leadership skills and building healthier relationships with colleagues. Managing your emotions is also vital to achieving self-awareness.

On Brant Lodge 45 Blog, we are dedicated to providing knowledgeable information on how to achieve self-awareness, what it is, how to train yourself, and attending workshops.

Personal Development

Personal development acts as an important aspect in becoming the best you can be and realizing what your potentials are. It is a lifelong process that helps people assess their skills and qualities, set goals, and achieve overall personal happiness. Mostly seen as being part of early development in life, it should still be important right through a life cycle.

We strive to post articles relevant to personal development, including advice and guidelines on achieving positive personal development.

Training and Workshops

Training and workshops on self-awareness and personal development provide individuals with the means to improve themselves and become the best possible version of themselves. Throughout Canada, there are many workshops to attend and are listed and detailed on this blog.

New workshops are regularly scheduled and thus you can find many new and updated articles on where to attend workshops and how to train.

Soft Skills

Soft skills are interpersonal and character traits that characterize an individual’s relationship with other people and how they communicate with them. Soft skills are vital in any workplace to provide healthy relationships between colleagues.

Learning more about the importance of soft skills and advice to obtain soft skills is easy on Brant Lodge 45.

Visit this blog regularly for informative articles on the importance of self-awareness and personal development, and advice on how to achieve it.