Personal development is an important part of our lives to achieve overall happiness and develop positive well-being. These blogs are helpful on the road to growth.

Productivityist –

This blog was started in 2010 in Canada and has over 18000 followers on Twitter. This blog can help you to be more effective and become better than ever. Their mission is to help people to stop ‘doing’ productive and ‘be’ productive. The posts on Productivityist helps to power your productivity to its fullest form.

Possibility Change –

Possibility Change was started in Alberta, Canada and features stories on addiction, adversity, anxiety, personal development, confidence, creativity, exercise, goals and dreams, gratitude, happiness, and much more. They have over a thousand stories related to personal change and development.

Addicted 2 Success –

This website was founded by Life Design Coach Joel Brown in 2011. The aim of the website was to share self-development stories with a global audience. The website has motivational content in the form of audio, video, and interviews with leaders in the personal growth industry. The website releases at least 1 article per day.

Live Bold and Bloom –

Live Bold and Bloom was founded by Barrie Davenport who is a personal growth seeker, published author, and certified life coach. She strives to help people shift their way of thinking and create positive new habits to build confidence. Barrie releases at least 2 new posts every week on her blog.