Top Personal Development Workshops

Throughout Canada, there are many training programs and workshops to help with personal development and living a more prosperous life and achieving success in work and personal life.

These are some of the most popular personal development training programs and workshops available in Canada.

Critical Thinking: Putting Yourself in the Shoes of an Another – GoldSRD

This is a Corporate/Group training program for workplace teams and company groups. The program takes up to 8 hours to complete and is presented by GoldSRD. The program is available to any company or team.

They believe that critical thinking can lead to being a more rational and disciplined thinker, especially in the workplace.

Improving Mindfulness – GoldSRD

Improving Mindfulness is another great program presented by GoldSRD for aiding in Personal Development and gaining a prosperous way of thinking and realizing your skills and how to deal with others.

Practicing mindfulness encourages living in the present and displays the dangers of distorted thinking. This program can help to stay mentally and emotionally healthy and improves perspective in personal and professional factors.

Mindfulness for Leaders – Achieve Centre for Leadership Inc.

Mindfulness for Leaders is presented by the Achieve Centre for Leadership Inc as a corporate and group training program. The course can be booked for groups and company teams.

Mindfulness is an important part of being a leader of a company team and can influence the success of a whole team or even the company. Leaders are always pulled into many directions due to competing demands for time and attention. This program provides help in being aware of one’s inner processes.